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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Project Life Week 9 and right now

It's Right Now Wednesday, and I am ....

*listening - to a snoring dog, it's a great sound ;)
*eating - nothing yet
*drinking - water
*wearing - picked out black slacks and ivory sweater for today
*weather - supposed to have severe weather today :(
*wanting - to go back to bed and stay home, order some scrapbook stuff
*needing - to finish getting ready and head to work
*thinking - about this weekend
*enjoying - that I'm making progress on my goals, very slowly, but it's progress

Last summer, I came across the Teresa Collins He Said She Said collection, and loved both the more masculine and more feminine versions.  For this week of my Project Life, I used the He Said part. :)  I also tucked in a pull-out card with my (lack of) fitness progress for the month.

Highlights for this week ... I started having more serious issues with my knees, which has really hindered my working out; read a fascinating book in only two days; listened to a CD that I hadn’t heard in probably 10 years and liked quite a bit of it; watched a lot of movies; enjoyed making my friend laugh; saw a zebra car at the gas station; got my hair done; had a fun night hanging out with Josh; I finally ordered and received my Doodlebug album for THIS year's Project Life (LOL); bought 4 training sessions at the gym; my label maker (the one Jennifer McGuire uses) came; celebrated my Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law’s birthdays with a fun and yummy family lunch at Ted’s, then cake and presents at home. :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Another great spread! I love that zebra car and the fact that you include random stuff like that!

  2. Great spread, love all your pics and I agree with the pink and sparkly comment!

  3. Very cool PL pages!
    Severe weather here today, too!
    Hope it's not too bad where you are down there!

  4. Great pages, love your title block!


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