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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Project Life Week 7 and right now

It's Right Now Wednesday, and I am ....

*listening - to Gracie's nails click-click-click on the wood floors
*eating - eggs with spinach and salsa
*drinking - water
*wearing - picked out black slacks and a black/gray print top
*weather - finally warming up a bit, but windy
*wanting - a scrappy shopping spree :)
*needing - to get my knees and shoulder feeling better so I can make some progress
*thinking - about the rest of my day and week
*enjoying - that I have things to look forward to

I first have to apologize for the poor picture quality.  It's been pretty tough getting photos of my Project Life pages since they are in the page protectors, and the lack of natural light with this crappy weather.  Ugh ... Anyway ... for my Project Life Week 7, it was Valentine's Day! :)  I pulled out my Valentine Doodlebug collections and just used it all!!  I also used a few digital stamps on my photos again.

During this week, we .... watched a couple of movies; Gracie chewed another Nylabone into a shiv (LOL); I got another adorable Valentine's card from my amazing friend Sheryl; finally went to the doctor and felt better; got wings for dinner one night; made Josh a cute card; got addicted to a horrible reality show (Pretty Wicked Moms); Valentine's Day was great; found an incredible steal on a bright pink Eddie Bauer coat; did some shopping with Josh; made an incredible dinner and dessert together; went to Demo Day with Kory & JayJay; had a fun time celebrating David's birthday at Tapwerks; met some fun new friends and still working on purging my scrapbook supplies.

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

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  1. Sorry to hear about knee and shoulder pain. That must really limit what you can do. Hope it's better soon!


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