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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am an OCD organizer

I just want to thank everyone for their comments about yesterday's blog.  :)  I really enjoyed all the sweet words, thank you!!!! :)

Now, the first thing I want to show you, is a trio of cuteness that I picked up last weekend at Michaels for my scrapbook room.  LOVED the perfect sayings on the front, the crystal knobs on top, and who couldn't use more storage?  LOVE!!!

Ever since I was very young, I have liked things in "proper order."  My crayons HAD to be in ROYGBIV order, dolls arranged from shortest to tallest, books alphebetized.  When I got older, my closet became something I took great pride in "arranging" in the order that made the most sense to me.  My CDs are still in alphabetical order by artist, and secondly, by release date, and all have to be facing the "correct direction."  Yeah, I've been told I'm "crazy," "Type A," even "OCD."  I don't take these words as insults, rather I take them as jealousy, since the person calling me names is just in awe about my organizing skills, LOL!!! :) 

About 15 years ago, before I had a digital camera, I developed a clothes calendar.  I used a standard recipe box and index cards.  On each card, I wrote down what the article of clothing was, color, sleeve/pant length, anything else important.  For example, the card would say "Top, White, Button-down, Long Sleeve."  I had sections for tops, pants, skirts, sweaters, etc.  Each month, I would take these cards and put them together in outfits for the entire month.  It made my life SO much easier.  No more "what do I wear" in the mornings, no more wearing the same thing each week.  When I told the ladies at work about this, they all thought I was crazy, but genius.  :)  When I revamped my system several years ago, I decided to take a picture of each piece of clothing.  I don't use it like I used to, but I need to get back to it!

So, as you can tell, I'm off my rocker ... when it came to organizing my scrapbook stuff, I was just as ... genius, LOL.

I love working from sketches.  I often have free time at my desk, so I started using a pad of grid paper and occasionally some colored pencils.  I 3-hole punched them, so I could put them in a binder.  I used my tab punch to make my own dividers with cheap cardstock.  I have them divided by number of photos on a layout. 

At my desk, I have some templates cut of standard-size photos that I use.  I can move them around my template until I like them, then I trace around them and fill in my designs.

Lately, I've been working off doing them on the computer.  I don't often print them for my book, but here is one that I did ...

I also have some inspiration pictures tucked in the back of the binder, these are all pages ripped from a bedding catalog.  I liked the colors combinations.

Another thing I've always had a thing for, are fonts.  Long ago, before I knew of any font manager programs, I started my font book.  It's gone through a million transformations, but here is basically what I have.  It keeps me from using the same fonts over and over, although I tend to have a few favorites.  I used to have them categorized by type, such as script, or bold, but I found that to be too hard to keep track.  Now I like them alphabetized, and I can just flip through and find the look I want for my project.

All my CK fonts are separate ...

Dingbats also get their own tab ...

So when I got my original Silhouette, I really wanted to keep track of all the designs I had, so I would cut a large version with scrap paper of each shape as I got them.  This QUICKLY got to be tedious.

Now, I have these instead ... rolodex files! :)  One for my Silhouette designs, one for my stamps.

I have a card for each Silhouette design, so I can just pull something out when I'm gathering supplies for a new project.  It's been really helpful.  Here are all my cards from the "ticket" tab ... I had to stop myself from cross-referencing, since THAT would be OCD.  I could easily put many of these into more than one category.  But I have a 'thing' about tickets, so I like them organized that way.

And I've done my stamps the same way.  I used a blank rolodex card, stamped on the front and each has a label sticker on back with the name and manufacturer of the stamp.  That way, I also know where to find it in my different boxes of stamps.  Here are the stamps I have under the "ticket" tab...

Another thing I like about the stamps, is I can compare sizes, fonts, etc.  For example, these are under the tab "words: life" ... each one a little different.  I can pick the perfect one for whatever project I'm working on.

Here are the backs of those same cards ...

My tab, again made with my McGill tab punch.

Hope I didn't scare anyone off, and instead maybe gave you some inspiration or tips!
Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Wow! Can you come over and do this for me? Its on my to do list but I never want to spend the time to get the original supplies done. Keeping it up after that would be easy but I just beed to start it.

  2. Will you be my best friend? I was ridiculed once by a couple of friends for labeling everything in my kids' closets. LOL

    Love your systems, and I want that tab punch! One of my Cricut carts has a tab, but this would be so much easier.

  3. Melissa, we can totally be besties, that would be awesome! :) We have SO MUCH in common! :) I'm pretty sure I got that tab punch at Michaels with a coupon, or it could've been Hobby Lobby.

  4. All I had to see was OCD Organizer and I knew I would love your post. This could be me!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You have certainly been busy!!! I soo love organization posts because I tend to be an orgaization junky!!

  6. We should form a club. You could President and I could be VP. lol... Seriously, I love it! Great ideas with the rolodex's. I use index cards.

  7. WOW you are SUPER Organized! Me, not so good! LOL Love the black and white storage boxes however and the knobs are to die for!
    Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com

  8. Love all your fun organization. I have a friend who has binders with all her stamps and such.


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