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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Project Life Week 44 and right now

It's Right Now Wednesday, and I am ....

*listening - to Summer by Calvin Harris
*eating - will be having a rice cake with crunchy peanut butter in a few minutes
*drinking - water
*wearing - ivory pants with black stripes, black top
*weather - another bitterly cold day with a small chance of snow flurries :(
*wanting - to have some uninterrupted time this weekend to work on the last few weeks of my PL album
*needing - to find and try some new recipes
*thinking - about having a date night this weekend ... haven't been to the movies in awhile
*enjoying - that I've been able to connect with and help someone going through a rough time

Now onto today's project ... I left off on Week 48, so today I'm sharing Week 44.  Yes, you read that correctly ... Week 44!  I somehow skipped an entire week of Project Life in my posts!!  I have no idea how it happened, but it did.  So, here is my "make up" post for Week 44 ...

It was the week of Halloween, so I used nearly ALL Doodlebug, mixing their collections.  I also made a pull-out for my movie reviews for the week.  Happening this week .... I finally finished sorting all my old clothes and all the laundry associated; got our closet reorganized and put back together; finished my costume; was sick for a few days; watched lots of movies; placed my last Stampin' UP! order as demonstrator; my mom finally got texting on her phone; watched my Sooner Boys destroy Iowa State; went to a Halloween party and got so sad on the way home hearing the news that Wayne Static had died. 

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas memories

Hello All! :)

I meant to share this layout ... well, last year if I'm being totally honest.  Obviously, my mind has been elsewhere!  This is the last of my 2013 Christmas layouts, and it is not a favorite at all.  It really sort of sums up the way I've been feeling the last few weeks ... in a mad dash to hurry and catch up and not really getting much accomplished at all! :)

These photos were just a few that I liked, but didn't need a layout to themselves, and didn't really go with anything else.  They were just nice or fun Christmas memories.  My MIL's gorgeous tree, a picture of Josh & I, the adorable dog butts lined up for treats, and the silhouette of Josh eating cereal with Gracie begging in front of the Christmas tree.  

The layout is nothing special, I put together a ton of various Doodlebug leftovers, then embellished like crazy with anything I liked at the time.  I think I used that very fancy "the more the merrier" technique here ... it's Christmas, it's fine. ;)

my in-law's dogs ... Bob (Basenji-mix), Hannah & Spanky (big 'ole slobbery, wobbly English Bulldogs)

I just love this photo ... it's sweet but so funny to me!
papers, stickers, border stickers, alpha stickers, twine by Doodlebug Design; cardstock by Bazzill Basics; sticker by Echo Park; buttons by Recollections; border punch by Fiskars; curly label punch by Stampin’ UP!; brads by The Paper Studio

Thanks for stopping by today ... and I have another doozy of a catch-up for you Wednesday! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year and right now

It's Right Now Wednesday, and I am ....

*listening - to lunchtime chatter from co-workers in the hall
*eating - an apple
*drinking - water
*wearing - black pants with ivory stripes, with an ivory top
*weather - SUPER cold and windy
*wanting - to finally get back in a normal routine
*needing - some time (at home AND work) without interruptions to get caught up and organized
*thinking - about a conversation I had earlier 
*enjoying - that fun things are coming up this year :)

Happy 2015!!  :)  It seems like forever since I've checked in, but it's only been a couple of weeks.  I've haven't done a single crafty thing in months, aside from a few Christmas gifts, and it's driving me nuts, LOL! :)  

I have several weeks to do to complete my 2014 Project Life album.  I have all my notes, and lots of photos ... I just need some time to get organized!  I decided that since I was basically a year behind on my scrapbooking, that I would try to do last year's events at the same time as I tackle this year.  I'm not going to do any Project Life or Book of Me this year, so I should be able to keep up (I hope).  

Another goal of mine this year, is to spend time de-cluttering and fixing up our house, yard and grounds.  Our house is just getting to that point where we need to start thinking about repainting the trim ... and with the dogs outside, the backyard always looks terrible, LOL.  We've been so busy the last few years, we've let things get piled up.  It's time to clean it up and get it organized.

Last year, I wanted to focus on myself, and in particular my health.  I was extremely proud of myself for finally losing weight and I've felt SO much better!!  I still have a little to go, but in 2015, I'd like to tone up and get into a regular gym routine like I had been years ago.  
These were photos from last New Year's Eve (12-31-13). What a difference a year makes!

Josh & I down nearly 100 lbs combined! :) New Years Eve, 12-31-14

I'd also like to learn more about gluten free eating, and try new recipes.  We've been eating the same thing over and over, since we know I can eat it.  I recently 'pinned' a number of recipes on Pinterest, and found several new blogs that I'm excited to add to my reading list.

One of the best things about last year was all the fun things we did, or new things we tried.  We already have a few things lined up for 2015 that we are super excited about!  

I'm hoping to get some time this weekend to work on some Project Life pages.  At least I will have something to share, then!  :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

right now Christmas Eve

It's Right Now Wednesday, and it's Christmas Eve!!  I have been SUPER busy the last few weeks, and have not done anything scrappy, other than for a gift and keeping up with my Project Life notes.  I have three weeks to get done, plus this week and next, in order to complete my PL 2014 album.  I decided months ago that I would not be tackling it again next year, even though I love the process.  So I will try to post again before the end of the year, but I will be taking breaks, in order to have something to show! :)  

For today, though ... I am  ....

*listening - to the TV on in the other room
*eating - had some cereal a bit ago
*drinking - water
*wearing - PJs :)
*weather - cold, but at least the sun is out (it's been so gloomy lately)
*wanting - to enjoy the inevitable chaos that is our family Christmas ;)
*needing - for my back to quit hurting, and a short nap would be nice too
*thinking - about the year we had a blizzard on Christmas Eve
*enjoying - that this year has been pretty wonderful

Today, I'd like to share our 2014 Family Christmas pictures.  We started this tradition our first year together, and I get a frame ornament with the year and add to our tree each year.  It's one of my favorite memories and traditions. :)

Since I often get questions about how we get the dogs to "pose" or sit for us, or how long it takes, or how many photos we have to take to get the ONE good one, I thought I would keep track of the whole process this year, and even post some outtakes! :)

We always have my in-laws come and take our photo for us, and set up our camera on a tripod for them.  My mother-in-law is in charge of pressing the button, while my father-in-law snaps or hoots or calls the dogs to get their attention toward the camera.  But before they arrive, I get the kids all dressed in whatever accessories we're using (this year I made the boys bow-ties, and Gracie got a matching dress with a tutu skirt), and get them to sit for me as a group, and individually, since they are calmer without their Mimi & Papa around. ;)  They all know that when I pick up the camera, a treat is probably in the near future.  They ALL get excited, and like to be the one sitting for me (meaning more treats, LOL). 

This year, we took a total of 25 pictures, over about 15 minutes or so.  Here's how they broke down:
  *took 5 of all dogs together, 2 are useable
  *took 2 of Gracie, both useable
  *took 1 each of Griffin and Junior, both useable
  *took 3 as practice for my MIL, none useable
  *took 5 family pics, 3 would have been useable, but the camera needed to be angled down slightly
  *took 2 of Josh and I, both useable
  *took another 5 family shots, and 3, probably 4 of those are useable

Merry Christmas from The Hams!
Josh, Tanya, Griffin, Gracie & Junior
my kids ... Griffin, Junior, Gracie

Merry Christmas!

Now for a few outtakes ... LOL  :)
I'm not sure what Junior was looking at ... 

Griffin blinked! ;)

Gracie was giving me her infamous 'suspicious' look ...

we weren't quite ready yet ... LOL

camera needed to come down, and Junior looks funny ...

the dogs lost interest & Gracie's skirt was off (behind Josh) LOL!

Have a wonderful holiday!! ;)

Monday, December 22, 2014

family Christmas

Just a quick layout to share today, with a few photos from last year's Christmas celebration with the family.  I was still using up my scraps from older Bella Blvd collections, and I loved the non-traditional colors I was able to pull together here.  I layered up some larger pieces, then ran some border strips across with some washi tape trim.  I was able to use lots of the coordinating sticker embellishments as well, and I left it at that.

papers, washi tape, stickers by Bella Blvd; brads by Carta Bella, alpha stickers by Doodlebug Design; cardstock by The Paper Studio; artisan shape cut with Cuttlebug (Stampin’ UP! labels framelits)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Friday, December 19, 2014

photo Friday - painted wood Christmas decor

Happy Friday! :)

If you are still looking for a quick, easy, inexpensive and last-minute gift for someone, I have a fun project for you today!  I'm becoming quite addicted to making painted wood decor, using my Silhouette Cameo and adhesive vinyl.  It all started when I saw some cute blocks at Michaels and realized I could make my own!  ;)  They came out so well, that I knew I wanted to make some using Christmas sayings and designs from the Silhouette Store.

I started by lightly sanding any rough spots on my wood pieces, then getting a base coat of white acrylic craft paint on.  I went over each one three times, so it had good coverage.  Then I got each of the designs I wanted to use pulled up in the Silhouette software, sized to my needs, then cut out of vinyl.  Normally when you weed your vinyl, you take away everything except your lettering or design, since that is what you want on your project.  Since I wanted to actually paint the lettering, I weeded that part of the vinyl, and then transferred to my wood pieces.  

I used washi tape to mask off words or details, and paint in various colors.  For this cute subway art piece, I kept it all one color, a nice bright, Christmas red.

After peeling up the vinyl, here is what it looked like.  There were a few spots that didn't come out very well, or that came off with the vinyl.  I decided to try distressing it a bit, for a shabby chic look, but I really hated it then.  So, I started over, and painted it all white again! :)  That is just one of the things I love about this craft - you can always start over, and since I'm using up scraps of vinyl, I'm really not wasting supplies either! :)

Here is how the multi-color pieces looked just after I took off the vinyl.  There were a few spots that needed touch-ups. 

I used a very fine brush, and even the point of my seam ripper, to fix several areas that needed it.  Then I painted a thin clear gloss on top to seal it.

I made a few for myself, with a metallic silver paint and also a glittery silver paint, and black.  I neglected to snap a picture of those, though.  After pulling back the vinyl and having both the silver paints stick to it and rip off, I started over, and repainted my wood white again.  This time, I cut the designs out of black vinyl, and weeded the background, deciding to use the vinyl on the wood.  Since I still wanted some silver detail, and I didn't have silver or gray vinyl, I experimented.  I cut one accent word from two of the designs, and a few snowflakes from white vinyl (one time when I'm glad to have small scraps).  I weeded the backgrounds, leaving only the designs.  I took my silver Wink of Luna brush marker and colored the vinyl, letting it dry for about an hour.  I then transferred it to my wood pieces, layering it to look like a shadow.  

I really like how these came out, especially after some trial and error.  There is really no limit to what you can make!  I gave the colorful trio to my mom as a gift, and she was amazed! ;)  I'm looking forward to making more! :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Project Life Week 48 and right now

It's Right Now Wednesday, and I am ....

*listening - to a wonderfully quiet (but unfortunately not for long) office
*eating - nothing yet
*drinking - always my water
*wearing - the least baggy of 3 pants I tried on - dark khakish/brown with a white/brown top
*weather - really cold and windy
*wanting - for tonight to go well - attending a function that I've been nervous about
*needing - new clothes, LOL
*thinking - about how many things change and how they also stay the same
*enjoying - that I'll be off most of next week :)

Week 48 was the week of Thanksgiving.  It's often a hard week for me, because I struggle with the extreme dichotomy of the fun times and hard times that this particular week bring.  I really like to focus more on the fun stuff, like looking forward to getting out my Christmas decorations, and starting my gift shopping. :)

I used Doodlebug's Happy Harvest collection for my pages, along with some Simple Stories Sn@p! alpha and phrase stickers.  This week, we .... watched a few a good movies; had another few hard days at work – was glad to get some time off; was super excited to see my DWTS pick – Alfonso – win; did some shopping in stores and online; went out to eat; enjoyed my first gluten free Thanksgiving; ended up with a new Christmas tree; got all my decorating done; went out with some friends and got the dog's Christmas outfits for our pictures made.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by! :)